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Experience in Software and IT outsourcing methodology; complete spectrum of flexible offshore, onshore and near-shore resourcing services. Our modern software development practices, optimized processes and tailored approach produce high quality software solutions.

Video Streaming

Development of streaming applications for large IPTV and Telecom companies for every type of user device. Complex solutions with encoders, streaming servers, middleware services, billing and client applications.

Enterprise development

Web & Desktop Software Development, System Integration & Migration, Amazon services, Java, Java EE, Spring, .NET, C#, MSSQL, MySql, Mongo DB, Tomcat, Glassfish, Angular JS, PHP.

Smartphone App development

Smartphone applications for all devices. Native iPhone applications using Objective C and Swift, native Android applications, native Windows Phone applications.

Internet of Things

Passionate about top notch technologies and latest IoT solutions. Raspberry Pi, Beacons, Arduino, Amazon Echo, Smart Home, Apple: HomeKit, Watch, Pay and HealthKit; Android Things, Android Wear.


Check out some of our projects.


A new concept for interactive TV. A modern approach to watching TV to keep up with the modern way of living. Watch neoTV anywhere and on any device with Internet connection.

IPTV platform

A powerful cloud based platform of IPTV by subscription that can be viewed on any portable device of Android and Apple operating systems. It may also be viewed on Android STB, Google Play and through the web.


Help and support live chat integrated in Slack from any smartphone application. Easy implementing smartphone library with live chat screen and slack bot integration.


Can you imagine having a smart optimizer in your pocket that can easily find out how to cut all necessary pieces with lightning speed! It will dramatically improve your productivity and get more projects done than ever before.

My Wedding Day

A wedding planner application that will organize your wedding in a quick, easy and inspiring way. It also helps you keep up to the minute, so you will never miss a thing. My Wedding Day is the only wedding application you will ever need!


Awsome is a Slack application that enables easy and quick managing of AWS service EC2 directly from Slack. With a set of slash commands, Awsome simplifies the process of starting and stopping of AWS EC2 instances as well as checking AWS EC2 instances status.

Loyal Green

Software platform that provides optimization of passenger numbers in relevant bus lines, increases people’s willingness to use public transport and aims at reducing pollution. Loyal Green also includes loyalty program.

OnFb Today

onfb.today is software for aggregation of data from different Facebook pages. Its purpose is to represent a personal, customizable facebook news aggregator, and the final goal of the software is to make users’ favorite fb pages easily accessible.

iOptiSeed Bin Optimizer

iOptiSeed Bin Optimizer is applicable to any type of seeding equipment i.e. equipment that has bins containing seeds, grains etc. The app calculates how to place seeds and grains in the bins of a seeder machine in order to achieve optimization of time while seeding large pieces of land.

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A team with outstanding work ethic, eager for constant improvement, new challenges and knowledge


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About Us

Inellipse is an independent software development company from Macedonia filled with passionate people. We specialize in software development using the latest technologies. Our objective is, and always will be, to release innovative software and information technology solutions. Our main concern is our customers’ needs and we always do our best to listen to them.

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