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We build trust, not just great apps.

1. Resources and availability

Inellipse encompasses a team of highly experienced and dedicated people with outstanding work ethic specialized in various programming languages, platforms and technologies. Our resources are available immediately and up to one week upon request and terms approval. This depends on the project scope.

2. Up with the latest technogical trends

We strive for knowledge of the latest technologies. We encourage our creative developers to learn and to test them working on their own ideas. We learn from every single code line we write. The experience we gain we transfer in the projects for our clients, offering them better results, better time, and better price.

3. Models of partnership

We offer different partnership models depending on customer needs and requirements such as project-based with fixed price and terms; per-hour billing; monthly billing.
The work is billed within timesheets and task management tools.

4. On site working

We are able to send our team or to host the team to work together during the kick-off of the project, in order to start the project right. It builds trust and better communication between the teams.
What's Being partners???
  • 2 weeks sprints

  • NDA on request

  • accurate time reports

  • access to developers work 

  •  time zones are no problem

  • working on site

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