Inellipse – the first company grantee of Bitove – program for entrepreneurs of Macedonia2025 in partnership with CESO (Canada)

With over 20 years international experience in the areas of business, marketing, product development, and sales of startups and software companies, William (Bill) Murphy is the first advisor of the Canadian organization, CESO at Inellipse Software Solutions in Bitola, Macedonia. Inellipse is the first company grantee of the Bitove program for entrepreneurs in Macedonia 2025, in partnership with CESO (Canada).

Our co-founder Ilija Jolevski announced that one of the main objectives of this engagement is for the company to get help in developing and saling our own products, besides the software services that we already provide. Our goal is to transition part of our company from providing services, to product development.

One of the things we knew immediately when we saw the open call about this program was that we had to apply, and had to apply first! Having a similar experience with a Dutch advisor at Inellipse two years ago, we saw the positive impact and the growth of our company from that work.

Our team, together with Bill Murphy, has worked on development proccess assessing over 20 product ideas, starting from criteria of selection, selecting idea, through the whole process until the product is successfully marketed. In the same time Bill also exchanged knowledge and additional support in other key activity areas for our company.

Regarding this project, we had a meeting with the team from Macedonia 2025 at our office in Bitola. At the meeting we presented our ideas for contiuniation of this process, and other areas where we offered our contribution in order to promote and support the ICT sector in Macedonia.

Our co-founder Ilija Jolevski received official invitation to be a speaker at the next Macedonia2025 Summit in Skopje, which is an honour for us. We are looking forward to the Summit, to share our story, our experience and to inspire other companies and young people to pursue their dreams.

The objective of the Bitove – program for entrepreneurs is to support the development of Macedonian micro, small and medium enterprises. We encourage people and companies to use this opportunity to take their business to the next level.

To learn more about this program, click on this link