At inellipse we truly appreciate the creativity of our employees and their individual preferences. Investing time to listen to their opinion is one of the greatest values in our company. During our weekly brainstorming sessions we tend to hear all of their thoughts and needs on a particular topic, but what we did on Monday, April 30th was on another level.

Trying to keep our creativity and teamwork in shape we organized an internal hackathon. Yes. We put aside for a day all our work obligations and in a relaxed and playful atmosphere we worked for 12 h. We divided our employees in three teams and gave them project ideas to work on. We focused on the problems we needed to solve outside our comfort zone in order to find solutions and we ended up doing an astonishing job.

At the end of the day every team presented their ideas in front of a jury whose job was to decide who the winning team would be. However, thanks to our colleagues, each team received an award for the work they did. Apart from the winning team, we also presented the following awards:

- research and development award for the IoT team, experimenting with beacons.

- the most efficient team, for the team with two absent members which still did 80% of the work

- the most hard working team, to which 12 hours was a short time; the team that wanted the hackathon to last longer.

We thank all our developers for doing their best in the given situation and for keeping their enthusiasm regardless of the few omissions in the organization. We are so happy to have a team as amazing as ours, hardworking, creative and collegial.