Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) is a Belgium-based international youth-led pro-sustainable-mobility non-profit non-governmental organization (iNGO) created by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) - www.uitp.org - acting as its "Parent Organization" and sustained by the Roads and Transport Authority of the Emirate of Dubai (RTA Dubai) and Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) S.p.A. - www.fnmgroup.it - acting as its "Honorary Founding Members".

Y4PT’s aim is to promote the active participation of young people on transport and mobility issues at all levels, and settings since young people are one of the most significant groups of public transport users and will inherit the outcomes of all key decisions taken today.

Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and its members, and following the long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Lab series, is promoting the organization of local transport hackathons around the world, by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies (ICTs) in collaborative environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.

Winners from each local transport hackathons joined other Canada-based hackers at the 1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017 in the framework of the 62nd UITP Global Public Transport Summit Montreal 2017 – the world’s oldest and leading sustainable transport event – to contest in a final round for unveiling the world’s best ground-breaking transport solutions.

Our company Inellipse as winner of the local hackathon in Macedonia, Skopje Bus Hackathon, with the innovative idea for software platform that provides optimization of passenger numbers in relevant bus lines took part in the event. Our Igor Georgioski was part of the winning team. Check out how much fun he had.

Prior the event Mr. Georgioski gave his view on innovative solutions to transport problems and the future of public transport.

“A hackathon is a productive environment where everybody’s focus is on rapidly turning one’s vision into an actionable solution. It is fun, and the risk and fear of failure is low, thus giving developers a completely different perspective on programming than the one we have during working hours”, said Igor Georgioski, winner of the Skopje, Macedonia hackathon.

Mr Georgioski was part of the Loyal Green team, who developed a cloud-based app that encourages carpooling, rewarding users with discounts to events and services. The app also provides up-to-date transport data, including bus timetables and route information, with the overall intention on reducing traffic congestion in Skopje.

“Public transport plays an important role in our lives. Our app encourages people to leave their cars at home, thus reducing air pollution and improving parking problems, issues which are major problems in Skopje. People should be rewarded for using public transport, which is what our app does”, said Mr Georgioski.

Asked to describe his vision of the future of public transport, Mr Georgioski responded, “I’d like to see crazy-fast public transport, like the Hyperloop One, that run on electricity, and drones that will carry people!”

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