Codefest Tech Festival is a 3-day event for tech lovers comprised of 3 tracks:

  1. CODEFERENCE: a one-day conference welcoming international influencers in tech and startups.
  2. CODEFEST MARATHON: Codefest Marathon 2017 is the 5th anniversary edition of Codefest Tech Festival. For the first time this year, Codefest Marathon comes with three tracks: Codefest Junior (up to 16 years old), Codefest Student (17 to university age) and Codefest Pro (for professionals). It is 32 hours long challenge where in teams of 2-5 members, participants should build a solution from scratch - from idea to prototype/demo.
  3. CFX-BUSINESS EXPO: is a mini tech fair, a place where companies can showcase their work, hunt for talent and establish exciting collaborations.

Our company had not one, but two teams at the Codefest Marathon, and guess what, both teams were winners. We are lucky to have them:

Team Inellipse I: Second place and Best Platform Integration.

Idea/Solution B-Track: platform for tracking people's movements in closed facilities such as supermarkets.

Team Inellipse II: Third place and Most hard working team at the hackathon.

Idea/Solution EcoVibe: platform for reducing air pollution by encouraging people to use public transport and bikes; it also has a loyalty program.

The news was also featured in Macedonian media: